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How to apply for an Indian Passport

Passport is a document issued by a country to a citizen allowing that person to travel abroad and re-enter the home country. Moreover, it is a very important document for a person as it is the biggest proof of your identity. All the citizens of India have the right to own a passport. In this age of opportunities, the sooner each of us claims it, the better. 


The whole process requires some formalities to be done and it takes around 45 days to get a passport. To get it for the first time, you have to follow certain steps to obtain a passport.


  1. Passport application form: The first step to obtain a passport is to get an application form from the passport office itself. Now for the convenience of the people in India, local head offices of a city or their designated outlets also provide you the form. You can also download the form from the Central Passport Organization’s website at or apply for Passport through Online Registration. Remember to take printouts of the application form once you register online. If you face any problem related to online registration, you can produce the printouts as proof.  
  2. Filling the form: Since the passport form is machine readable, you need to fill the form with utmost care. Follow the instructions given in the form itself.
    • Use back or blue ball-point pen only.
    • Fill in all the information legibly in capital letters only.
    • While filling in the boxes, leave one box blank once you complete a word.
    • Remember not to touch the boundaries of the box when you write.
    • Paste the passport size photographs at the mentioned boxes. You need at least six photographs to be pasted.
    • Do not forget to put signature and thumb impression at the specified box. Illiterate people should only put their thumb impression in that box.
    • Incomplete forms are rejected so ensure that you fill the form completely.
    • Avoid overwriting and mistakes.
  3. Documents required: You have to submit all the self-attested Photostat copies of the original documents along with a DD bearing certain amount of fees. Besides all the educational certificates, you have to submit the proofs of residence and date of birth. However, you need to show all the original documents at the time when you submit the passport application form.
  4. Check list:  To confirm what documents are required at the time of submission, you must refer to the check list provided at the end of the form.
  5. Submit the form: the duly filled in application forms can be submitted at

·         The passport office counter

·         The Speed post centers

·         District passport cells

·         Designated passport outlets

For online registration, you have to submit the printouts of the application form with the other documents at the respective passport office. It is recommended to submit your passport form personally or through a person whom you authorize. You can also send it through a registered post.


Applying for the urgent passport:

Generally it requires around 45 days getting a passport, but if you need an urgent passport then you must refer to the Talkaal Scheme as mentioned on the website


Nani said...

Speed post centres are not accepting even the candidate is native of that district and studying in another district.

SHIVANI said...
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SHIVANI said...

can i keep student id card r in college letter head as address proof


I believe these days Aadhar card can be used as ID and Address.Let me know if this is correct. I have Addhar card.
How to Apply for Passport

Jatin said...

In case of change in name, Thane passport office does not except the copy of gazette indicating the name change, but wants affidavit and news paper declaration. Why the govt. document (gazette) is not considered and citizen is harrazed.

Indians Script said...
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Indians Script said...

Where did you get all these info.. it is a good collection buddy

what is ssc

Raja Sekar said...

How to Apply or Procedure for Applying Passport : MODES OF FILING APPLICATIONS. Direct submission at counters & through authorised representatives in Madurai

Govindaraj R said...

Please refer
for further information and guidance

Bikash Chandra Dhal said...

45 days is a long period to wait... it should be reduced...


Information provided is really good. I too have shared very useful information in my website too. Please refer my post as well if you want to know more on How to Apply for Passport in India

Gourav chahal said...

i have few documents likewise... D.O.B. certificate,ration card,
Pen card,10th-12th certificates,
2 year old S.B.I Bank account and Driving Licence . are these all enough or not...Please suggest me...

Ranjit Kumar said...

How to Apply or Procedure for Applying Passport.......incase person belongs to other state at present he lives in DELHI.....

Norton Backo said...

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