Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to dress for a Corporate party | Corporate Party Etiquette

Dressing for a corporate party may be a challenging task for first you have to check the venue and the theme. Whatever is the theme, you have to carry that in your dressing while being decent and professional.

Clothes come first:

Make sure whatever you wear should be ironed well. However, T-shirts are not meant for corporate party. While men can wear tie (if they feel comfortable) women can have a scarf around their neck. If wearing a traditional dress, remember not to wear too heavy, gaudy or glittering dress.

Do not wear any revealing kind of dress.

Your dress should be dignified and elegant. If it is a theme party organized at a vacation trip to an island then you can add color and other element of fun in your party attire. Do not ignore your undergarments as they give a base to your outer clothing.

Put a little Make-up:

While getting ready for a corporate party, wear a light make-up. Leave sparkles and glitters for other occasions. Set your hair neatly so that they do not trouble you. Lastly, spray a refreshing deodorant or a light perfume.

Jewelry and accessories:

An integral part of your dressing, but heavy stuff is not at all meant for a corporate party. Females have many options while males can put on accessories like cufflinks, belt, tie-pin, etc.

Do not neglect your footwear:

Wear well-polished black or brown leather shoes. Females should also select their shoes or sandals carefully.

In the end what matters most is your confidence and attitude. Get ready to hit the scene and fill the atmosphere with your positive presence.

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